Human Centric Learning

Our approach puts the learner at the centre of capability development and utilises innovative technology to encompass and integrate the entire 70/20/10 learning model. This principal holds that 10% of learning is acquired through formal interventions, 20% through interacting with others and 70% from self-directed learning in daily work.

ACHiiVE is renowned for its sophisticated Experiential Learning Simulations for rapid development of business skills. We recognise how precious this 10% of the process is, which is why we continue to innovate ever more effective ways to accelerate capability development and transform behaviours.

We also understand that knowledge and skills are perishable commodities so a more holistic approach to personal development is needed.

Our solution portfolio blurs the boundaries between the 70/20/10 definitions. We harness Peer and Social learning within our ACHiiVE DC360 Learning Simulations and our Coaching Tool utilises outcomes from these interventions to support targeted, self-directed learning in the field. This ensures that learning is reinforced through a seamless journey of continuous improvement.

We Listen
We work closely with you to understand your precise needs and desired outcomes

We Innovate
We partner with you to bring about the change you seek

We Deliver
We design, build and facilitate immersive digital learning solutions