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Our simulation-based learning solutions rapidly develop skills, knowledge and process to drive long-term behavioural change and performance improvement.

“Having fun is the best way to learn” – Albert Einstein

Our learning experiences support a complete annual cycle of typical requirements, from Assessment Centres, Initial Training Courses, Cycle Meetings, product launches, boot camps, formal training courses and home learning explorations. Feedback from every element builds an accurate, timely and holistic capability audit that links into our Coaching Tool to ensure development continues seamlessly in the field.

The portfolio encompasses our existing face-to-face events, plus new micro learning modules that can be consumed in 1-hour sessions and virtual events that engage teams in dynamic, fun and competitive business challenges, all from the comfort of the learners’ home.

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Fully remote learning Experience to develop the skills needed to conduct highly authentic, impactful and emotionally engaging virtual interactions through digital media.

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Fully remote digital Learning Experience that immerses participants in a real-world challenge to develop, test and embed Key Account Management capability.

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The V-Workshops incorporate the latest theories, methodologies and research to ensure highly impactful digital interactions.

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The flagship simulation that builds capability within field teams to have the most influential, effective and impactful interactions with HCPs.

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Builds capabilities in key account management and strategic planning. Developing the confidence to analyse, plan and invest in better outcomes for your company, your customers and patients.

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Develops and embeds the coaching skills that will help the people you coach become the very best they can be.

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To provide marketeers with the required skills to drive brand/organisation strategy, using closed-loop processes

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