Our Methodology

Our simulation-based learning experiences utilise the latest theories in organisational psychology, high-performance training techniques, open-loop processes, comprehensive assessment, feedback & benchmarking and Philosophy, all within highly gamified real-world challenges…


“Educating the mind, without educating the soul is no education at all”

Plato believed the soul was split into 3 parts: the head, the heart and the belly and modern behavioural theory connects analytical thinking with sensory inputs & feelings to change belief systems and behaviour.

We apply this philosophy to our simulations to ensure we train the head, heart and gut.


Our innovative business simulations incorporate the latest research in Organisation Psychology around performance and behavioural change. This includes creating a Psychologically safe environment for learners to experiment, then provide open-loop feedback so participants can reflect, adapt, repeat and develop. This is proven to optimise development and create lasting behavioural change.

High-performance training

We incorporate multiple high-performance training principles into our simulations. This includes breaking down complex skill systems into discreet behaviours with associated descriptions of proficiency, from basic to mastery. This allows participants to focus on each individual component and make tangible improvements to the overall skill process.

We also provide highly granular feedback during each cycle of our simulations. This includes 360 degree observed feedback, algorithm based calculations of cause and effect and analysis against best practice blue-prints. This provides a closed loop feedback process where experimentation, adaptation and progression can occur in real-time.

Finally our simulations are designed to compress years of decision making, analysis, execution and practice into several hours. This enables participants to accelerate the development of core capabilities in the shortest possible time. This is taken from the military principal of,

“train hard, fight easy!”