Designed around a current pharmaceutical market and product portfolio over a brand's lifecycle


Challenging simulation that models the complexities of the real world


Participants use and develop their skills within an absorbing and complex marketing scenario

Who is it for?

Marketeers with two or more years experience who would like to challenge their current thinking and apply new techniques and processes.

This is an ideal platform for challenging current practises and drawing on up-to-the-minute thinking and techniques.

Participants are able to to explore new principles and tactics to assess their impact and business success.

Detailed information and data drive the real world simulation, allowing participants to explore and develop their skills with a drug from pre launch to maturity.

Progress within the simulation is graphed and complex algorithms model the choices and activities for each of the participating teams.

This is truly a learning-by-doing exercise, where teams explore the impact on the business of the decisions they make.

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