Experiential Learning Cycle

This starts by creating a safe psychological environment where learners, coaches, managers and even customers can meet in trusted groups to learn with and from each other.

We break complex skills down into competencies, identifiable behaviours and levels of proficiency so learners can focus on the essential detail that will build a stronger process as a whole.

We immerse participants in tailored real-world tasks and challenges so they can practice & develop the specific skills identified for development.

Performance is evaluated using a combination of machine learning, automatic metric capture and 360-degree observed evaluations which the system collates and presents in real time so learners can review what they have done with the benefit of accurate and holistic feedback.

Learners can then reflect with the support of team members, coaches and other experts so they can plan how to adapt and develop.

We optimise team and social learning through a combination of doing, observing, evaluating and supporting, so each participant can experience skill development from multiple perspectives.

A key benefit of the new Digital Learning Platform is the ability to schedule learning programmes into shorter bite size chunks over several days, weeks or months, fitting in with other business and personal priorities.

Everything that is done within the system is securely captured and compiled into reports, so learners have an insightful log of their progress towards Mastery in the skills they are focussed on developing.

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