Designed for today’s healthcare business


Challenges current thinking and builds lasting behavioural change


Learning by doing provides tangible, measurable results

ACHiiVE Business Pro is specifically designed to build effective business planning and acumen skills in the challenging environment of global healthcare.

Who is it for?

It is particularly helpful for managers, key account executives, MSLs and other cross-functional heads who work together to develop practical business acumen skills.

Participants work in teams, pitting their wits against an imaginary but real world scenario. They have the opportunity to build a business strategy and plan for a product over a two year timespan, taking the drug from launch to maturity and facing a number of challenges and business problems to resolve along the way.

Based on dynamic information and data, teams develop sales; increase market share; plan their strategic and tactical spend; and explore ROI.

Individual coaching and feedback encourages the participants to implement new processes and techniques to improve their business analysis and planning competency.

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