bespoke programme


Custom-made programme tailored to your business and supported by the latest iPad technology.

powerful business simulation


Challenging business simulation that builds face-to-face in-call skills and customer engagement.

experiential learning


Harnesses the strength of experiential learning to get results.

ACHiiVER: Engages sales and cross functional teams in a true-to-life simulation that dynamically responds and moves on in real-time helping participants improve critical customer/stakeholder facing skills.

Designed to strategically support you in a number of situations, such as preparing for launch, dealing with specific competitive threats, embedding new skills and processes, or simply driving business growth in complex, dynamic markets to meet strategic goals and objectives.

ACHiiVER is a unique learning experience for everyone taking part.

It uses bespoke iPad technology to create an interactive case study where in-call face-to-face customer/stakeholder competencies can be observed and evaluated both qualitatively and quantitatively.

It is competitive, challenging and stimulating. Participants can see the outcomes of their actions and skills in real time. ACHiiVER uses highly complex algorithms designed to reflect and react like real world customers and markets.

360 feedback that we collect has shown that all participants gain genuine insight that can be practically applied to their everyday role in the organisation.

Some of our work with ACHiiVER

skill development

Who is it for?

It is particularly beneficial for experienced sales people and their managers who may have been through many "traditional" training programmes in the past.

But here, participants can see themselves how others see them and get individual coaching to help them grow and develop their skills. It simulates up to 12 months work and provides everyone with insights for their own cross-functional role that they can directly apply in the real world.

Key learning points and progress within the simulation are reviewed throughout and participants are encouraged to develop new and better ways of using their skills to maximum effect.

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