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Working from home, only being allowed out for specific purposes and being restricted in social interactions seems more like a dystopian novel than the real world – however COVID-19 has forced us all into this way of life.

The recent healthcare crisis has led us to live in isolation far quicker than we could imagine. Social interaction has been turned into digital conversations, with colleagues communicating through webcams rather than over their desks.

These changes and restrictions could last for an unknown time and leave many of us feeling alone, frustrated and bored. This presents companies with a new set of challenges around staff wellbeing and productivity.

• How can they keep their teams engaged, motivated and stimulated while socially distancing?

• How can they keep their teams focused and ensure they come back stronger than before?

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While traditional virtual training methods such as digital workshops and eLearning modules are effective in disseminating knowledge, they don’t excite people, keep them engaged and they are not fun!

We are being told by many clients that they are looking for a different solution which is: dynamic, immersive, engaging, inclusive, exciting, educational and most importantly fun.

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Business simulations use gamified design elements to bring real-world problems to life in a virtual environment. Participants can hone their skills by working through highly gamified, dynamic and engaging learning experiences from the comfort of their homes.

The ACHiiVE business simulations also encourage participants to engage, communicate, interact, compete and learn from each other – all of which aid wellbeing during these difficult times.

At ACHiiVE we have transformed our world-class real-world business simulations to be conducted virtually. These are fun and dynamic experiences which encourage teams to develop, collaborate and compete while building on their existing KAM, Interaction and Coaching skills.

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