Heritage in MSL
Capability Development

We have a long and proven track record of working with MSLs. For over 10 years we have been helping companies to not only define the role globally but also increasingly build MSL capability around scientific conversations and help MSLs fulfil their critical role within the cross functional team.

The Challenge

Companies face a difficult challenge with the MSL role: where does it fit within an effective cross-functional team? Where does the line between medical and commercial lie? How close to that line can MSLs venture? We have been helping companies and individual MSLs answer these questions and feel confident in their responsibilities and face-to-face capabilities.

The MSL Scientific Conversations Model (SCM)

Using the ACHiiVE tailored SCM model within our state of the art iPad-led business simulations, we allow participants to plan, conduct, review and evaluate HCP interactions. Data outputs provide reports and personal development plans to aid on-going performance improvement in the field.

Performance Improvement

MSLs attending ACHiiVE programmes have shown a significant improvement in performance post-event and demonstrated lasting behavioural change.

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