Launching Into A New Therapy Area

“I was tasked with answering the question ‘how do we know we know our sales
force is ready to launch our new product.’ I now absolutely know we are!”

“The events have been game changers for our business!”

Director of Medico-Marketing


The company is an Italian pharmaceutical company, present in 136 countries worldwide.
Their strategy focuses on Research, Innovation and Internationalisation, committed to the search for pharmacological solutions for therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiovascular diseases, pain/inflammation, asthma and anti-infectives.

Customer Challenge

The company needed to ensure a successful launch into anti-infectives, a brand new therapy area for the company. A strategic decision was made to use the Cardiology field force and add in the new product to their existing portfolio. The huge challenge this presented was intensified by the need to continue to grow the existing business, as well as meeting launch targets in the second therapy area.

The UK management team were posed the question – ‘how do we know we know they are ready to launch and face this dual challenge?!’

New product, therapy area and clinical knowledge needed to be embedded, along with redefined interaction skills required to succeed across two distinctly different products.

A threshold proficiency level was set for both interaction skill level and clinical and product knowledge. New skills and knowledge needed to be built, in addition to honing existing skills, in order to unequivocally answer the question posed to the management team.


An evaluation framework was created first to ensure the entire cross-functional team knew what good looked like, providing a consistent best practice approach across the customer facing teams.

The ACHiiVER simulation was used to ensure newly acquired knowledge could be used effectively and accurately under pressure in role plays with HCPs. The simulation incorporated a refined interaction model and all elements of In call proficiency was thoroughly tested and rigorously evaluated. The simulation environment helps to build confidence and best practice interaction behaviour.

360 degree review and analysis was captured, incorporating healthcare professional role-players, regional manager coaches and participants, who self evaluated and assessed their peers to provide a holistic and balanced assessment of performance throughout the event.

Medical personal used their expertise to observe and evaluate clinical and product knowledge.

ACHiiVE provided rich post events audits for each participant including use and accuracy of knowledge, how their calls had influenced the customers likelihood of change and of course a detailed breakdown of skills proficiency for all elements of the company's Interaction Model.

The Achiiver simulations accelerate skills development in an intense, yet save learning environment. Participants “learn by doing” real world interaction scenarios, as well as observing and assessing their peers and benefitting from coach feedback.


• The average proficiency improvement was 96.12%

• 65% of participants were below threshold proficiency level after their first call

• All 23 participants reached the required level during the course of the event

About ACHiiVE

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