Driving a Coaching Culture

“ACHiiVE has delivered a fantastic coaching tool that addresses all of our needs"

Commercial Excellence UK


The client is a global pharmaceutical manufacturer with its roots going back to the 1900s.
The company has been active in research, development and production of medicines since the early days of the industrialisation of this sector.

Customer Challenge

As part of ambitious plans to reach more patients with their products, the UK team identified an opportunity to further develop their customer facing teams through more effective coaching.

To support this objective, they wanted a Coaching Tool that would enable sophisticated contract based coaching conversations but through a simple and easy to use interface. Most importantly, they wanted this tool to be designed for the coachee and empower them to take control of their own development needs. Additionally they needed the Tool to:-

• Help embed a recently introduced sales model, competency framework and associated observable behaviours
• Drive a coaching culture through the whole company and enable “Coaching Contracts” across complex organisational structures and boundaries
• Help improve “in Call” performance and create a culture of continuous improvement
• Provide data analytics on team performance and insights into specific training needs

Existing coaching tools simply did not address these sophisticated needs…


The team at ACHiiVE quickly realised these requirements could only be addressed through a customised development and turned the problem over to their in-house software development team.

A fast prototype was developed in consultation with key customer stakeholders and presented back to the management team for sign off.

ACHiiVE delivered a fully customised and branded web app that can be accessed on and off line. The tool embeds the company’s sales model/competencies and allows Coachees to initiate Coaching conversations with their FLM, specialist coach or company mentors. The Tool manages the whole conversation interactively, captures all feedback and notifies both coach and coachee of any outstanding actions.

This interactive coaching tool helps embed best practice behaviours, reinforces a coaching culture and pin points areas for development in a sequential call process.

The analytics dashboard provides a simple visualisation of key information and metrics from an individual to aggregated country level. This includes skill development and training needs; agendas and team performance progress over time; Plus alerts for both Coach and Coachee to develop their specific coaching contracts.

ACHiiVE also supported a staged product introduction including rollout to an initial pilot group, followed by a train the trainer event and Regional rollout to the various field teams.


“ACHiiVE has exceeded my expectations – they have delivered everything they proposed and more”
Commercial Excellence Manager

“This is the easiest to use and yet most comprehensive coaching tool I’ve ever seen”
Regional Trainer

About ACHiiVE

ACHiiVE is the market leader in blended learning and development solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We specialise in changing behaviour, performance and outcomes long term.

Our solutions focus on embedding the skills, knowledge and processes needed to successfully address modern healthcare environments, across Commercial, Medical and Market Access teams.

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