Case Studies

Portfolio management


The client: a company with a well-established mature brand, operating in a competitive market. The company needed to maintain their current position in the market ahead of a new product launch within a new disease area.

The aim: to up skill their remote salesforce, re-energise and motivate the team.


An ACHiiVER event which ran across two and a half days. During the event; participants worked in teams to evaluate relevant business scenarios and planned how to deliver strategic calls.

The participants learned by doing and due to the unique iPad-based experience; they could quantify progress against pre agreed competencies.

ACHiiVE provided real time, tangible data pin-points and highlighted the areas where participants needed expert coaching input. This lead to rapid and measurable improvements.

Outcome & Follow up

The results showed that as a group, planning was the skill in which the group showed the greatest level of performance improvement.

The areas to focus on for improvement included Post-Call Analysis (40% below group average) and Networking and Dynamics (36% below group average).

Due to the success of the event the client subsequently held another event 3 months later so they could further explore insight into the skills gap of their salesforce.