Case Studies

Entering a new disease area


The client launched two new products in the same disease area. They needed to differentiate to maximise sales for both products.

The aim was to strategically position both products carefully to ensure maximum exposure and sales uplift. The sales force needed to focus on the most effective key account areas and ensure they were engaging with the right customer stakeholders for each product.


To produce a tailored two-product ACHiiVER event where participants worked in teams to evaluate relevant business scenarios and planned and delivered sales calls.The process moved on dynamically in real time; an expert coach scored each sales call.

Post-call, the teams provided feedback and evaluated each other’s performance, giving an unprecedented opportunity to present best practise amongst peers.

Scores were correlated and the competency level was calculated for each team, culminating in a competitive environment where experiential learning can thrive.

Outcome & Follow up

Issues in terms of the positioning and messaging were identified for each product which were adjusted effectively. This allowed the client to gain valuable insight into the skills capability of both sales teams.

Post-event the PDP plans across both products were analysed; skill gaps were identified and benchmarks set. The results from the event showed an overall 95% increase in the skill capability across the competency areas.