Case Studies

Embedding new skills


The client: a well-established brand needed to introduce a new sales model to maximise sales. The aims; to build and enhance sales capability; embed new skills competencies; and gain insight into the capability of the salesforce.


To produce a tailored ACHiiVER event in the local language. Using a bespoke case study, participants worked in teams of three over a competitive two and a half day event. The team explored a bespoke territory, arranged and performed one-on-one sales calls with role-players undertaking the parts of Physicians and Payors. The simulation provided participants with a patient-focused experience and a chance to engage with cross-functional teams in a real-life situation.

Outcome & Follow up

By the end of the event the client had real-time outcomes, tangible results and a comprehensive set of management reports, including detailed PDP for their workforce. The results showed; the group achieved an average performance increase of 13% per customer call - an average performance increase of 101% by the end of the ACHiiVER event. Following the success of the event, the client introduced brand new sales model which enhanced sales competencies and behaviours.