"This was the best commercial training I have seen in over 30 years in the industry"

Managing Director, Pharmaceutical

"I have used the Achiiver programme on a couple of separate occasions in the UK. We found tremendous value through the deployment of simulated role plays, using a case study developed so it closely mimicked our business environment.
Learning through doing was helpful, but adding in coaching from sales managers (and colleagues alike) made the programme highly effective.
Not only did I find that it has enhanced our ability to sell in a competitive environment, but it also helped us to understand what tools the sales team needed to deliver the marketing messages more effectively.
As an added bonus, the Achiive team is a delight to conduct business with, and was highly responsive to our business needs. I would recommend them for any team wanting to refine its selling skills."

Managing Director, Pharmaceutical

"There’s a red line that flows the whole way through from the business simulations to patient outcomes."

Brand Manager, Pharmaceutical

"(We saw) the shift change of understanding the customer’s needs to direct the agenda of the call, rather than setting a ‘company’ agenda."

Business Manager, Pharmaceutical

"I have no doubt in my mind that on both occasions when we've enlisted the help of the ACHiiVER programme it's had a hugely positive and motivational impact on my team. I have no doubt I will have cause to use the programme again in the future. Well done!"

EU Marketing Director

"Overall the training run by ACHIIVE was a fantastic example of a bespoke strategy and skills workshop designed to our needs and delivered professionally to our requirements."

National Sales Manager

"Our team learned the importance of asking questions around the data rather than conducting a one sided tell sell."

Product Manager

"Thanks to you fabulous people at ACHiiVE for managing us through a fun and positively challenging couple of days on your course.
It was very evident the enormous amount of work you had all undertaken beforehand to really understand our customers, market place and everyday issues. Thus the role play scenarios were true to life very much reflecting our challenges.
As such we as individuals and collectively as a team have all learnt something new about ourselves and can adapt accordingly in order to become more effective at what we do in our competitive environment. For this we are extremely grateful."

Commercial Director EMEA, Pharmaceutical

"I never expected the ACHiiVER Programme to help us as much as it has"

Product Manager

"During the training each member of the ACHiiVE team was very helpful, diplomatic and reflect a real professional perspective. The training was very fruitful and benefical for our team.

Brand Manager

"The course was like a gym to practise and improve prior to launch"

Key Account Manager

"I felt very well guided through the whole process in a way which addressed my personal needs."


"Before we conducted the recruitment training we had 14 leavers, following the recruitment workshop we had only 1 person leave, it’s been a huge success as this has delivered clear return on investment for us. Recruiters said that candidates had even commented on the professional quality of the interviewing techniques adopted by the staff."

HR Manager

"The training was fantastic and the trainer was extremely helpful with providing useful feedback"

Key Account Manager