"I have used the ACHiiVER programme on a couple of separate occasions in the UK. We found tremendous value through the deployment of simulated role plays, using a case study developed so it closely mimicked our business environment. Learning through doing was helpful, but adding in coaching from sales managers (and colleagues alike) made the programme highly effective. Not only did I find that it has enhanced our ability to sell in a competitive environment, but it also helped us to understand what tools the sales team needed to deliver the marketing messages more effectively. As an added bonus, the ACHiiVE team is a delight to conduct business with and was highly responsive to our business needs. I would recommend them for any team wanting to refine its selling skills"

David Podbur, National Sales Manager, Sanofi Genzyme UK & Ireland

"ACHiiVE are an outstanding partner in the design and delivery of training. Unlike many other vendors ACHiiVE have the ability to listen and respond to the needs of the business and at no time have I felt that working with them have they delivered an off the shelf package. I know when I use ACHiiVE the quality of delivery is excellent whomever the allocated trainer might be. There is no doubt if you are looking for a partner for your training needs that ACHiiVE should be the professional team that you consider first."

Training and Education Director UK and Ireland

"I have no doubt in my mind that on both occasions when we’ve enlisted the help of the ACHiiVER programme it’s had a hugely positive and motivational impact on my team. I have no doubt I will have cause to use the programme again in the future. Well done!"

EU Marketing Director, Sanofi Genzyme Oncology

"Thanks to you fabulous people at ACHiiVE for managing us through a fun and positively challenging couple of days on your course. It was very evident the enormous amount of work you had all undertaken beforehand to really understand our customers, market place and everyday issues. Thus, the role-play scenarios were true to life very much reflecting our challenges. As such we as individuals and collectively as a team have all learnt something new about ourselves and can adapt accordingly in order to become more effective at what we do in our competitive environment – for this we are extremely grateful."

Suzanne, Commercial Director Multiple Sclerosis EMEA, Sanofi Genzyme

"Why would you ever consider launching a product without using ACHiiVER?”! The professionalism and organisation of your company was exemplary, and it was a delight to work with you all too. The work you have done with us has completely transformed our business – thank you."

Regional Sales Manager

"It would have taken us at least 6 months after launch to have discovered this issue"

Regional Marketing Director, LaCan

"This is the best commercial training I have ever seen!"

Managing Director, UK & Ireland

"This has been the most helpful training I’ve had in 20 years in the business"

Experienced Salesperson

"A truly innovative program that has challenged the cross functional team and better prepared us for launch. We now have insight and measures to drive our business"

General Manager, UK

"The workshop provided the ideal safe environment to practice while reflecting real world scenarios as closely as possible. I saw a performance improvement that would be difficult to achieve as quickly in the field. Ultimately, this will build our reputation and help bring our medicines to more patients."

Key Account Manager

"Excellent moderation and methodology. Excellent and very dynamic support material."

Medical Science Liaison

"A very interesting approach for those who deal with Clients from a more scientific point of view, from a commercial or access point of view. It shows that the preparation and planning is very important for the success of our interaction with other stakeholders. In the relationship it is crucial to capture the whys of verbal and nonverbal behaviour, as well as perceptions. I suggest sharing training in a broad way with the areas that deal with customers in their day to day, whether internal or external. (ACHiiVE) are to be congratulated!"

Key Account Manager

"An impressive programme that is multi-faceted and I believe will be hugely beneficial to all as we move forwards. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it - it’s a must for sales and medical personnel. It is delightful to note the change in the attitude of the team members. This program is very effective and stimulating!"

National Sales Manager, France

"There’s a red line that flows the whole way through from the simulations to patient outcomes."

Regional Product Manager