"Brilliant session, I really enjoyed it and the process and technology behind it was great – thank you. I now feel confident to have virtual interactions with my HCPs for real!"

Key Account Manager, UK: August 2020

"The opportunity to practice in our safe pod environment and learn from each other was hugely valuable"

MSL, USA: May 2021

"Most pharmaceutical companies were quick to use virtual platforms like Zoom and Teams during lockdown over the past 12 months. I think the VISPro platform should be the platform of choice – being able to see materials and have a conversation at the same time was really enjoyable and straightforward"

NHS Consultant Physician

"I was very apprehensive about this whole process beforehand, but I have really enjoyed it and think it is honestly the best training programme I have been through in my 20 years in the industry"

Key Account Manager, Italy: November 2020

"Thank you! VISPro will help me to do a better job of communicating with HCPs in the future"

MSL, China: June 2020

"I have found the last couple of days really useful. I have learned a lot and having a dedicated coach throughout gave us some great insights"

MSL, APAC: March 2021

"I’ve only worked this therapy area for 3 months and have developed so much quicker over two days of practice and observing more experienced colleague. I have developed my own style and way of interacting with my HCPs"

Key Account Manager, UK: April 2021

"I’m 62 and retiring next year. I don’t like these sorts of whole group training exercises normally so was not looking forward to this one… I have to say though, I really enjoyed it and feel I gained a lot from working with my talented colleagues"

Key Account Manager, UK: April 2021