ACHiiVE has built an active network with partnerships, alliances and affiliate support.

We do this to provide subject matter expertise when needed on key projects and provide greater elasticity in our delivery systems to give us global reach.

Each partner offers something unique and its our great pleasure to offer to any of our clients.

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Nikki Taggart - Coolehouse Consulting

I am pleased and excited as a Work and Organisational Psychologist to associate with and endorse the work of ACHiiVE.

The mission that ACHiiVE holds strong, to change behaviour, performance and outcomes, long-term, and the solutions they have in place to drive that mission, are truly aligned with my own training and consulting values.

It is rare that learning and development approaches allow strategic integration through the lifespan of individual employees and teams. What ACHiiVE can deliver manages to successfully incorporate their unique approach to capability development right from the recruitment and selection stage and beyond. Their work simulations are not only gold standard from an assessment centre recruitment perspective, but how they are then incorporated into onboarding, product launch training and further formal learning, allows clients to take a truly strategic approach to the selection and future ongoing development of their field force.

What this unique capability of ACHiiVE can deliver for life-science organisations can be a challenge for organisational psychologists to successfully recommend in their consulting; the deeper strategic work which often requires more budget, more time and more commitment than is available after a ‘quick fix’ L&D initiative has been requested. This is the principle reason why I am so excited to work alongside ACHiiVE. The opportunity to deliver strategic capability development projects in an industry with which I have over 10 year’s experience, and where the training and development of field-based and supporting employees holds a special place in my heart.

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