The expertise agency

The biggest shift in work patterns since the industrial revolution is underway, we call this the Expertise Era and it is changing everything.

In this rapidly evolving global economy, applicable workplace skills are now the most valuable currency and “Expertise” is an organisations greatest asset.

ACHiiVE is dedicated to human expertise, how it can be understood, defined, measured, developed and mastered

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All organisations must respond by finding a new approach for transforming the skills of their workforce, at speed, at scale and to superior levels of performance

ACHiiVE takes a measurable approach for developing expertise to mastery by bringing together a range of learning methodologies into a seamless digitally enabled whole.

ACHiiVE integrate theory, knowledge, practice, peer-review, coaching and expert experiential simulations to release human potential.

Transformation for employees

A measurable impact on the level of expertise they bring to their role.
Demonstrable, repeatable, embedded behaviours.
Growth in confidence and shift in the capacity to continue to learn and improve.

Transformation for organisations

Measurably superior performance.

High levels of employee engagement in learning.
Ability to apply ACHiiVE learning methodology to any critical performance need.

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